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A foggy family weekend sail to Dieppe & Brighton

Updated: Apr 19

Onboard: Sam, Steve and the 3 children Nautical Miles: 155 Days at sea: 5 Night hours: 6

Conditions: Dense fog patches on the outbound passage (15m or so visibility), no wind. Dieppe to Brighton, and Brighton to home we had clear skies and sunshine, but little wind again

What, where and when?: A long weekend over the Easter bank holiday, we left Eastbourne early on Thursday, arriving in Dieppe on Thursday evening. We spent 2 full days there enjoying the fabulous market and sunshine, before heading to Brighton for family fun in the arcade and on the fair rides, followed by a beautiful sail home to Eastbourne.


  • A challenging TSS crossing in dense fog - it's good to be kept on your toes from time to time

  • Sunshine for most of the weekend (Summer is on the way!)

  • Family fun in Dieppe and Brighton

  • The children are becoming really competent on the boat. It was great to see them taking on more responsibility and doing such a great job with handling the lines

  • Dieppe market. It was fantastic, such a great range of food and just about anything else you can imagine

  • Spotting a porpoise in the TSS buffer zone

  • Visiting the Notre Dame church, which had fantastic views over Dieppe

  • We spent some time on the beach and found a pebble with a fossil in it - Incredible!


  • Losing the abovementioned pebble containing a fossil on the beach!

Maintenance and jobs:

  1. On route Hodge fitted new plastic backing screens for our new chart plotter and also for the new cockpit VHF

  2. Hodge also fitted out new AIS unit, which means that AIS is now built in to the chart plotter (handy)

  3. Sam started on some spring cleaning - the decks is quite yellow and salty, this was brought back to white with the help of some Vistal

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