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Family Holiday - Sailing to Honfleur and the North Coast of France

Days at sea: 9 Nautical Miles: 431 Crew: Sam, Steve and the kids Night hours: 22

Conditions: We had it all, no wind through to a F6. Clear skies and 30c of scorching sunshine, through to a huge lightening storm and hail near Le Havre

What, where and when?: With covid restrictions easing, but flights far too complicated to even consider, we decided to make a break for the French coast.

Sailing from Chatham to Honfleur via Ramsgate and Eastbourne, this beautiful town was well worth the visit. We moored in the beautiful old basin, lined with 16th - 18th century buildings, the town was stunning. It was also deserted, and so we had our pick of berths in the basin.

Next we visited Fecamp and then Dieppe, where the kids enjoyed the fun fair.


  • Getting away on a family holiday :-)

  • Honfleur - it was the most beautiful French town

  • The weather was absolutely glorious (French heatwave)

  • Discovering lots of new places, and adventuring together

  • Seeing the Sovereign light

  • Breakfast on deck in PJ's to watch the sunrise

  • Phosphorescent. Twice

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