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Family of 7 Channel Crossing to Dieppe!

Onboard: Sam, Steve, the 3 children AND Hodge's son, Jack and partner Courtney, who moved from Canada to the UK last week. A full boat! Nautical Miles: 125 Days at sea: 3 Night hours: 10

Conditions: Predominantly overcast sky, F5 on the beam (outbound), upwind F3 (homebound)

What, where and when?: Jack and Courtney finally arrived back to the UK last week, they are on a 2+ year visit to work and travel Europe. 3 days in, and we thought it would be nice to help them tick off their 1st weekend away. Leaving on Friday pm, we made it to Dieppe for the incredible Saturday market. We enjoyed 2 full days in the fabulous town, before an early morning departure to get home for Monday evening.

The TSS was incredibly busy, at one point we had 19 ships heading our way! The sea state outbound was pretty rolly, leading to some sea sickness among the crew. But thankfully the homebound passage was much more stable, and both Jack and Courtney enjoyed a decent stint on the wheel.


  • Seeing the EverGiven heading our way down the TSS - it really is enormous!

  • Sharing the sights of Dieppe with J and C, including the Notre Dame church which looked amazing thanks to the sun shining through the stained glass

  • Dieppe market, literally the most amazing market

  • Great food, as ever

  • Rock-pooling

  • Jack finding a small fossil for me on the beach

  • Meeting some of the sailors who had taken part in the 'Dieppe Dash'


  • Poor Courtney feeling so poorly when we were reaching overnight

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