• Sam

Post lockdown getaway!

Onboard: Sam, Steve, and the kids. Days at sea: 2 Nautical miles: 61

Conditions: Beautiful F3, warm sunshine

What, where and when?: We've been in lockdown for the last couple of months, and have eagerly been awaiting some easing of the rules. Finally the news came that recreational sailing could resume, so on day 1 of the rule change we climbed aboard (complete with lockdown hair) and headed to one of our favourite anchorages, Harty Ferry, for some down time.


  • Our first sail post-lockdown!

  • Our first sail post-lockdown!

  • Our first sail post-lockdown!! (Is there more to say?!)

  • Beautiful sunsets

  • The kids getting to play in the tender

  • Spotting an oil rig coming in to Sheerness (a sign of lockdown times)

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