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The pubs are open! Sailing to Woolvestone

Days at sea: 3 Nautical Miles: 131 Crew: Sam, Steve and the kids Night hours: 2

Conditions: A speedy sail up, and then a brutal F7 on the way home (on the nose)

What, where and when?: The hairdressers are still not open, but the pubs opened at the weekend, following months of forced closure (due to COVID), so we decided to sail to one of our favourite pubs (The Butt and Oyster, Pin Mill). A speedy downwind sail, saw us arrive in no time, but a brutal F7 on the way home (with wind direction unchanged) made for a long slog home. Still it was worth it, to visit our favourite pub on opening day!


  • Finally getting to the pub after months of closure

  • A speedy downwind sail outbound

  • Visiting an old haunt of both of ours

  • Getting up close to the big container ships at Felixstowe

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