• Sam

We Passed! Ocean Yachtmaster Theory & a sail to Bradwell

Onboard: Sam and Steve Days at sea: 2 Nautical miles: 96

Conditions: Beautiful F4, warm sunshine and clear skies

What, where and when?: In lockdown we've spent our evenings studying celestial navigation, and the time had come for us to take our Ocean Yachtmaster theory exam. An 8 hour exam, this is not for the feint hearted. We decided to do it onboard, somewhere peaceful. So we sailed to Bradwell on the Essex coast, and locked ourselves away in the peace and quiet. We found out our results a short while later, and celebrated in style on-board. Covid is still a big concern, and marina's are generally shut, as are pubs, so this was the perfect escape for us


  • Discovering a fantastic new anchorage

  • A beautiful sunset and sunrise

  • Passing our Ocean Yachtmaster theory - a huge achievement to get from the lockdown

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